Friday, 30 July 2010

I have a disappearing feeling.

Has it ever felt like someone in your life has just disappeared? Like they don’t even exist anymore? Like someone made them disappear and move to Honduras?  For some strange reason it looks like Miss Haruhi Suzumiya has disappeared once again, hmmm let’s ask these two if they have seen her.

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Supersize ME!

That is classified.
So the long awaited Adult Mikuru Figma is finally up for order, and boy she is she cute. Sporting her stealthy office outfit, which the future Mikuru wears to blend seamlessly into our time period. She also comes with the necessary parts to recreate the famous scene where Mikuru reveals her time paradox star shaped mole, to a shocked and alarmed kyon. 
Supersize Me!
Adult Mikuru also comes with a school desk, so any number of scenes can be recreated, that erm, involve a classroom, or the clubroom.
class is in session

And finally, being a Mikuru from the future she of coarse comes with a face for Mikuru. (Our Mikuru from the normal time…erm yeah). It is a sleeping face for when Mikuru, for when Mikuru was knock out by Mikuru in order to stop any time paradoxes and also to give permission to Kyon to kiss her.

Rating: that’s classified.

Would you like to join the literary club?
Ahh she looks cold.

This little cutie also surfaced at the same time as the adult Mikuru at the winter wonder festival, and now she is also available to order. Disappearance Nagato Yuki is a great nenodroid representation of the character as seen in the Haruhi film, in which Yuki is not an emotionless block but is instead full of emotions and a desire to be with Kyon.

This version of Yuki comes with two bodies, one with the duffel coat (which Mr. Shadow thinks is Moe ;) ) and her normal cardigan. She can also take her glasses on and off, and comes with a note.

Would you like to join the literary club?

what is a glasses fetish?

Rating: Alien in a duffel coat.

They are both available to order now from a number of reputable retailers.  

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