Friday, 27 August 2010

I have that disappearing feeling…again.

With summer slowly drifting away to autumn and the cold winds of winter snapping at it heels, a certain event has caused a certain person to disappear again. But who is this person and why does she look so serious?

Where did you go?

You like me with long hair?

Today, pictures of the disappearance version of Haruhi Suzumiya have surfaced on the Figma blog.
Originally shown alongside the Adult Mikuru and the Middle School Haruhi at the Tokyo anime fair early this year, so we can now all see her in nice high quality pics.

The Figma Haruhi appears to come with three faces, two for Haruhi and one for yuki. The Haruhi faces include one that is a stern face and one is a sleeping face (which combined with another item that comes with this Figma helps create a certain scene in the film but I won’t spoil what happens ;) )

The Yuki face is a happy smiling face, meaning that you can also create a Yuki for the alt Universe that disappearance takes place in.  

And the final item that is included with this Figma is… a sleeping bag. Again won’t spoil why this is here but it does make an awesome accessory, especially when you use it with Yui to make a scene from K-on!! Episode 20.

Rating: I’m not interested in ordinary humans.

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