Friday, 15 October 2010

Blu-ray drive swap

Hmmm, need Blu-ray drive on my laptop...  Family laptop has one... that one is not used... Aha I have a cunning idea!

So Today, I decided to swap out the drive in my Dell Studio with the drive in an older dell. so where did I begin? I started with removing the Blu-ray drive from the older dell, which was an absolute pig in order to open as the pictures below show. And for today's task my  lovely assistant was black rock shooter.

The first task was to remove the base cover, which practically covers the whole base of the laptop. 

Black rock shooter dipping he toes in the open top, hehehe.
then the keyboard and the centre command column, the target organ is now in sight...
But first the screen needs to come off... weird.
Getting closer...
The palm rest totally removed... drive targeted.
Black Rock Shooter guards the newly removed drive.
Now in to the host laptop.
Nice simple base to remove.
And the whole to section removed, the keyboard, the palm rest and the centre column. Notice how the screen stays on this time.

and with that the drives are swapped. simply close up both patients and... wait, what do you mean the donor is crashing, quick Black Rock Shooter start resuscitation! what do you mean it doesn't have lungs, what could it be, what could it be???

Turns out the ram was not in correctly. sorted now. :-)

and then after some jiggery pokery how has the host handled?

Success!! good job Black Rock Shooter! Now I can enjoy blu-rays on a more convenient way.

Anyone else done any computer surgery this week, comment below, would love to hear any story of tricky situations that have arose during a simple hardware change.

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