Thursday, 7 October 2010

megahouse Kaworu Nagisa

Down from the heavens descends the form of an angel, but is he an angel of salvation or an angel of destruction....

Ahem now with the amateur dramatics out of the way, time to talk about the upcoming megahouse figure of Kaworu Nagisa.

Megahouse's Kaworu depicts him wearing his new plug suit as seen at the end of Evangelion 2.?? (add how many 2's you feel is appropriate) Looks very similar to Mari's hmmmm.

The posing of this figure is great. it captures a sense of great power, but at the same time shows only a little arrogance. Kind of like he is saying "me? well I have come to change the world (insert Kira laughter here)"
but that is what is so cool about him.

Another nice touch is the transparent gem on his chest. kind of like it is more of a light than just a switch or something.

The other great thing is the way the figure is displayed... Floating. Much like the last scene of 2.??  (except he is not in a Eva but this is so cool we can over look that.)

So does he make it to my list of do want? possible, may wait to see some more pictures but time will tell.

Kaworu is available to Order now for 6,800yen but discounts can be found if you look around the net ;)

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