Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Black Gold Saw Nendoroid

Mikatan updated their blog today with a Preview of the incredibly cute Black Gold Saw Nendoroid, and I have to say she is dripping with absolute awesome cuteness! 

Following in the trend with black rock shooter figure, black gold saw has received the Nendo treatment to go along with the rest of the girls that appeared in the OVA (except STR grrr)

Black gold Saw, like the other girls, includes a checked base for her to be displayed on. Here she is leaping in the air with her miniature version of the deadly, King Saw.
Such a cute face, look at the determination in her eyes!

And to top it all off she even comes with (like the rest of the line) after battle parts to pose her in a cute little pose, looking a little dumbfounded.
And this one, I have to say, may win the entire range with one key feature...
Her Sword is stuck in a Rock!!!

hmmm, is this a prediction about a certain other character?

Look out for preorders in the coming week, this little cutie is apparently gonna be released in March!
(I want STR already grrr...)

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