Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Micro reveiw: Dead Master Figma.

This will be the first of many (I hope) micro reviews in which I will quickly run down a few of my thoughts about a particular figure (or show), without going into too much depth at this point. So the first of these shall be the figma dead master.

Dead Master is the second in the black rock shooter line of figma's, and as usual she is up to the same standards as other figmas staying very true to the characters design. some definite plus points are her clear horns and wings, which look awesome in certain light set ups, but are quite fragile (more on that in a mo). her hair is also a nice design point, ditching solid PVC for a more flexible type so as to not impose on the movement in the arms and head.

her scythe looks absolutely great, painted to look all worn and scratched up, which is a great touch. her face sculpts are good but it is a shame there is only two, it would have been great to have an nice angry face like BRS or BGS will have, but the tongue one is great.

But now on to some of the negatives (Boo). Due to her wings the placement of the stand hole is lower than on most figmas which make it a little harder to pose, but only a little. the biggest problem is the size of the hole. it it is tiny when compared to the size of the peg which lead to the discovery of the wings begin a tad fragile. (slipped when placing the peg and of came a wing, which lead to a sad blademirage). but these little problems do not detract from the overall greatness of the figure.

And so I would definitely recommend this figure to anyone who is a black rock shooter fan (or anyone who owns BRS figma, come she will get lonely) or to anyone who likes figmas.

And with that I vanish of into the darkness. Muhahahahaha.

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