Friday, 14 January 2011

GSC: Wonfest winter exclusives!

Good smile company with a list of there exclusive Items for up coming wonder festival winter, with enough goodies to make anyone outside Japan burn with a little Otaku rage (Ha see what I did there ;-) ) So let's see what goodies we will be trying to get our collective hands on...

First we have the figma version of Mato Kuroi, seen previously in this blog post, but now is officially announced, and looking very cool totally a must have for fans of BRS and figmas...

Next up is the nendoroid petite Mato and Yomi, again both form the BRS verse. the set comes with a piece of road to display them on, as if they where on there way to school together, a nice counter to the BRS and dead master petites.

next up, this very cute nendoroid of Makise Kurisu, this one begin labelled as the white coat version. Not much to say on her but she has some adorable faces!

And finally...

 SNOW MIKU!!! super movable version.  ehem, yep a new version of snow miku, this one based around the super movable joints that more Nendoroids are starting to utilise.

 And a new Hatchune face! also comes with a miku snow man!
and the coolest accessory, A miku ice tray!

So there we have it, some awesome exclusives that good smile are coming out with at wonfest, now to start looking for proxies to get some of these goodies.

Are you looking to get any these readers?

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