Saturday, 22 January 2011

Hobby Japan Scans - Feb

Hooray! Another month, another bunch of scans from this month's Hobby Japan magazine. So let's dive in and see what goodies are coming...

first up, a wide selection Nenoroids, from petites to full size.

More Nendoroids, including petite nightmare merry, Panty and stocking and...
Strength!!!!!!!!(fanboy squee)
and some K-on prize figures (looks like they'll be wearing there final concert t-shirts) 

Next Up, figmas including the next strike witch figma and Makise Kurisu.


Yui prize figure.

And finally, the first Miya from occult academy.

So anything in this bunch of scans that have made it on to your want list? Answers in the comments :-)

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