Saturday, 5 February 2011

BRS the game site update.

Hmmm looks like there is some development on the BRS Game site...

 The first change is that if you highlight the "stasis tube" these analysis grids fly around it...
 Clicking on the tube results in a sleeping black rock shooter. Awww, now you can here what Black Rock Shooter sounds like while she sleeps.
 The next addition occurs when you highlight the small keypad at the bottom of the tube, which is highlighted as activation code. Hmm could this be the mysterious code that came with the BRS blu-ray? Hmmm.
Clicking on the keypad opens this dialogue. looks like the code can be input from tomorrow at 19:00 JST 
(10:00 am GMT). so not long till we get some more updates on the game.

So head over to the site and take a look for yourselves,


  1. Hey there~ I can't seem to put the you know how??

  2. hi, at this point there is no need to put the code in, it seemed to be a short hype generator to get ppl on to the site to keep checking back.

    the idea was to click on black rock shooter, and the code would give you 9999 clicks. (I think there was a universal tally that once the number had been reached the trailer would be launched, if not it, it would be released at a set time. so basically it was a way to get the trailer earlier)