Saturday, 17 April 2010


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Hello LUCKIES!!!
Ahem sorry way too much Lucky Star running through my veins. Right lets quit screwing around and get on… Man I love Lucky Star.

Anyway no, this isn’t ‘my’ blog but Blademirage’s; I just post here as we are a good team so why have two blogs talking the same BS when we can sound mental and Otaku together… SQUEEEE!!!
This will mainly be a blog about our finds, thoughts and OUTRAGIOUS purchases.

Might as well say something about myself, I’m 23 thin and devilishly handsome.. Think Itsuki with out the campness….
Ok double the campness.

I love cute moe things... no really it's a drug for me I can NOT let a cute moe thing go by and not drool over it...

My fav animes include:
Haruhi (duh) LOVE YOU ONO!!! (Hey can’t a guy have man crushes??) Don’t make me gay… I’m a straight as any Yu Gi Oh Villain!!! j/k
Lucky Star
Code Geass
One Piece
Yu Gi Oh (mainly season 0)
Wow there a theme running here… if you want more gritty anime talk to Blade... He watches things with like a plot in *gah*

ANYWAYYYYY. I will be showing you our Cosplay too (check out some GREAT up and coming pics of my lady in Mikuru and Yui outfits just to say a few) and yours truly as Itsuki… another running gag/ theme.
Well that my intro done… now on to a review of a recent book I picked up….


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