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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Film Fan Book

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This is my first purchase review, so it will be not very structured as a review but I hope I get across just how special I think this book is… yes I said book but please bare with this intrepid reporter this is a very ‘unique’ book (oohhh good segway).

So here we h
ave the book of the film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya now I have tried EVERYWHERE to find another review on this particular merchandise of the film… as so far I have not found anything I can plagiarise ahem.

As you can see from the first picture we have Yuki on the front with some smooth plastic feeling snow flakes (Yuki meaning Snow its very nice to have both of those on the cover, we see her looking at the snow in a wistful look, we later find out when they have to write books in a later edition of the novel that’s she arrives on earth during a snow fall and chooses her name Yuki because of her experience on that day she was ‘born’.

A very good, nod to the fans here I do like who the Anime industry rewards those who know the things they know… Heh I think there’s a word for that kinda person… hummmm.

So anyway we open the book to the front cover and we have the Kanji and interestingly the English title of the book, I say this is interesting as the rest of the book is in Kanji and no other reference to any real English is made. I don’t know why the English title is there but it is nice as you wont be seeing English for the rest of the book.

Yes as you can see from the random pictures I took, it’s a picture by picture representation of the film, now I have seen books of the film before but I don’t think any has gone this way around to do it… please this may be a Japanese thing, but it is VERY cool. We see a picture of a scene in the film and underneath a little explanation of what is going on.

That’s basically it…

BUT look at the presentation of this master work, you have character bios, you have day by day accounts so the reader is less confused (a personal fav part of the book is the all black page with a simple date on).

In the back of the book you even have cast interviews and how the film was made, I didn’t want to take to many pictures for this one review because I could probably devote a blog entry just to the segments.

There is also maps of the region, I kid you not these places in the film actually are real, a personal touch I love and one when we all get to Japan next year I will be taking with me to explore all the locations we come to think of as home in Haruhi.

There a TONS of pictures and every page is filled with them or so much info you will be the master of all things Disappearance. This book is every Otaku’s dream at the end of the book you feel you lived this making and the film itself. (it even shows you how Yuki and Kyon do their scarves up so you can copy the style… wow)

I give it 4.5 Lucky Stars out of five.


And as I leave you this time bloggers I give you the green haired lady that Blade loves Tsuruya:

BYE-NI!!! ^.^

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