Tuesday, 27 April 2010

K-ON! ‘Girls Summer Uniform’ by Tomy Arts.

Hello LUCKIES!!!
But not today, today we are visiting the girls of that after school club K-ON! (Light music). The girls of the HTT band (After School Tea Time), have become more and more popular in the resent months, and the resent fall in popularity of Haruhi (damn you Endless Eight) it has seen the rise of this show about a few girls that form a band.
Don’t worry its A LOT better than I put it, there are huge characters in this show (Sawako and Yui spring to mind) and for you more erm... well Otaku out there, there are many girls to fixate on, there are plenty of different personalities to cater for. (No I wont tell you what one I like either hee hee).
But this isn’t a review of the show oh no fair Otaku, this is a review of some figures I picked up from eBay…
And wow was I impressed!!
First we have Tsumugi, the rich girl that wants to be seen with interesting people. This version (yes there is another but that will come later) she is smiling and has a wistful look and the tea set is three separate items (a problem you can see from the picture). As I was taking the photo I knocked her over and she broke… which is good in a way and the bits don’t bend or break.
All models are VERY nicely made they all sport a very cute looking face and all very well proportioned.
The girls are all made true to the show, we have Ritsu with out her tank top,
what has surprised me is even on a very small figure like there are is just how much character they get, Mio’s tears are a fav aspect of the group,
and Yui’s uniquely positioned legs made me as a fan REALLY happy
Ok here we see them all in a group even Ui has made it into this set and that is another plus point of this collection…
Here is the bit that is odd to me; we have two different versions of Tsumugi and Mio. I am guessing its because they are the most popular or they wanted more for the collection I don’t know they has Azusa or even Sawako they could have snuck in there as a special release.
I mean even Nodoka would have been cool, I don’t see why they had to have two sets of heads and they aren’t as good as the ones we have, I don’t really like the Mio winking it doesn’t have the same effect as the crying one.
But all in all I cant say emphasise how much I love this set, seeing them all standing together really puts a smile on my face the moulds are great the quality of the paint and general niceness off it all just makes them great.
I give this 4 out of 5 lucky stars
 BYE - NI!!!

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