Monday, 26 July 2010

A new challenger appears.

Hi guys and girls of internet land, welcome to my (and Mr Shadow’s) blog. I would like to take this time to briefly introduce myself. My first contact with anime was the same way quite a few people got into anime: Pokémon (I can’t believe this is in spell-check). Yeah I know it is clichéd but hay it was a start. Other shows that where in the periphery at the time were sailor moon and also DIGIMON (oh how I loved that show, shame the 4th season wasn't brought to the UK).

they were digital
This then lead me to zoids. My first collecting madness. And also my first experience importing figures/model kits. The joys that a simply model kit that is motorised and walks are so great. Below is a picture of one of the little guys that are still around.
Energy Liger

I then lost track of anime for a while. Then I found a small channel in the UK called propeller which used to have a show called Anime network (I think). This show had entirely ADV licensed anime shows on it which lead me to seeing Neon Genesis Evangelion, for the first time. I fell in love with it instantly and continued to watch it till Anime network stopped airing, on episode 24…yeah. Fast forward two years and I finally got to see the end.

I got into Figure collecting at the end of 2009, after Mr Shadow introduced me to a certain Miss Suzumiya. Got hooked on the show and it is now one of my favourite franchises. And by chance, while on a trip to London, I stumbled onto TokyoToys in the trocodiro centre. I went in an left with this little beauty:

The Maid Tsuruya-sanJ. And the rest is history.

Now onto the blog. The aim of this blog is to bring news, reviews and general interest items that I find on the internet and place them here.

I hope you all enjoi your stay here, and for now BYE BYE. (no bye-bi’s from me)  

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