Monday, 2 August 2010

Figma Asuka A Shadow Perspective:

Well today Mr Mirage said “Figma have put more out for Asuka, you want to do a blog spot or shall I do it tomo”.
Let me just say I politely told him she was my girl and so here I am. When it comes to Asuka I’m your man (look for an up and coming blog from me dedicated to her on a more personal level than just a line of model reviews)
Well what can you say, I have held and posed the Mari Revoltech, and I can say the Figma does look better.
For one the Revoltech has some lose joints and wear and tear can be a problem.

And it seems that the new joints WITHIN the new line of Figmas has a bust ‘joint’ that lets the body bent in a better way than just the normal waist one.
The over all look is what you expect from a Figma it has perfect sculpting and even though it’s an anime girl you can really see the human dynamic within her body. The uniform is a perfect replica of hers from 2.0 (such a sad set of scenes though).

She comes with three faces:

Scary (good for battle scenes)
Embarrassed (Too cute to mention)
Normal (Still cute heehehe)
As normally for a Figma there is many hands… so many hands…

As with Cars let’s talk extras:
Someone in Figma HQ really knows what the fans want (apart from the see through body suit), in comparison to the Revoltech (sorry guys I was not impressed with Mari from them). When I saw the miniature dolly of ‘Asuka’ I was instantly hooked on this version of my sweet sweet girl…
Oh and those who know the story of the dolly yeah it is creepy but boy is it fanservice.
But no it is not just this dolly and the mobile that she used in the film you get (nice phone btw, I really want one)…. This next one is WOW inducing to this intrepid Otaku.

The ‘Throne of Souls’ FULLY articulated driving handles fully scaled and INCLUDED how most excellent is that Ted!! I mean it just wraps this presentation up nicely that you even get the coolest looking model stand ever designed come with one of the best anime characters ever too.

To end it looks like they have raised the bar once again for the PVC faithful, as SOON as this beauty comes up for pre order I WILL be placing a wad of electro cash down for her.
Lets hope Figma get the others out too.

Edit: Figma Asuka Langley Shikinami is now available to order from all reputable retailers, including here

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