Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Figures of DO WANT 2: Black Gold Saw.

On this week, of Figures of DO WANT, I bring you Black Gold Saw, from black rock shooter fame. This version of black gold saw is based on the anime rendition of the character rather than huke’s original artwork. But, if good smile company keep true to form we should see another version of the character based on huke’s work much like Dead Master and Black rock shooter, which both have an anime version coming out and an original version.  Currently it is unknown when She will be released but it is known that she will be 1/8 scale to match the BRS anime version that is coming out in October.

I shall now leave you with more Pictures of Black gold saw: anime version. 


  1. Really wish I had the money for this one. At least I can settle for the much cheaper Figma version.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing more pics of the Figma BGS, if she is anything like the BRS and DM figmas she will be awesome.