Monday, 27 September 2010

Figma Shirai Kuroko - Pre orders

Been a busy week in the word of Railgun and Index, first some scans of Kuroko in a Magazine and then the announcement of MISAKA getting a Figma. And Now the pre orders for the Railgun game which will include the Kuroko have come up, along with some better picture of the teleporting stalker herself. Mikoto watch out.

More after the jump, ONEE-SAMAAAAA!!

I am Judgement!

As I have already talked about Kuroko in a previous post I shall quickly give the facts and leave you with the Pics of the crazy girl. Kuroko will be bundled with the Railgun game, which will be coming out in April next year and will cost 8,980yen. Kuroko will come with a bag, judgement armband, 3 different faces, hands that are holding her pins and the usual assortment of hands. And now the Pics:
and last but not least:


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  2. I really have a hard job liking this FIGMA.

    I know shock, the character is one I actuly liked from the little I have seen of the show so far....

    Looking at it more I can see whats wrong

    Its the hair.

    Is it me or was the sculpter REALLY lazy on her fringe? I just dont know what it is about this model.

    Shame too becuase as I said I like the character.

    The school bag is kawai and the back plate for the plug looks cool.... oh and the hand with the spikes is just niceeeeee

    Im 50/50 on this one