Sunday, 26 September 2010

Misaka has a sister?

"well, looks like MISAKA will be getting a Figma too" said BLADEMIRAGE, excitedly.

"more pics after the jump" welcoming BLADEMIRAGE.

"after the news that Shirai Kuroko will be getting a figma, the news has broken that MISAKA will also be receiving a figma rendition." BLADEMIRAGE informed.

"Just as Kuroko and Mikoto before her, MISAKA will also be a special edition, but this time rather than being bundled with a PSP game, MISAKA will be sold through Dengeki online. As an added touch only 20,000 MISAKA's will be produced, each will be serialised with there own production number"said BLADEMIRAGE with a hint of sadness

sensor goggles equipped.

weapons have little effect on accelorator

"MISAKA comes with a number of accessories, 2 guns, one plain face, one sleepy eyed face, two hair pieces so the goggles can be equipped or unequipped, lightening effect and the usual hand pieces" informs BLADEMIRAGE

"MISAKA knows no shame, unlike Mikoto"  said BLADEMIRAGE jokingly.

Hey, get out of the way you clone *push. ahem, anyway pre orders for MISAKA will start in October and will be released in may with a retail of 3000 yen. Now where did the rest of those clones go...

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