Saturday, 11 September 2010

Kingdom hearts birth by sleep special edition micro review.

The long awaited kingdom hearts: birth by sleep came out yesterday and so I thought I would do a quick Micro review of the contents of special edition of the game.

The special edition of the game costs about £5 more than the standard game (although if you shop around you can find much better deals, such as on Amazon). So what do you get for the extra moola? A box, an “art” book and two post cards (well they are not post cards but they are the equivalent of them). Is it worth it? Let’s see.

The box is just an expanded box like most special edition boxes, to hold the extra content in, much like the Haruhi DVD boxes. So fairly standard and is only really there to look pretty.

Now to the meat, the “art” book and I use the term out loosely. Now some art books that are included with special editions of games have character designs, some prelim sketches and the likes.
Unfortunately, the birth by sleep on doesn’t have them as some of the pictures below show the bulk of the book is just some of the character models from the various worlds. Gives you a sense of who is in the game, but doesn’t really have the awe inspiring wonder of some other books, as these are the game renders of the character, which are great for the psp, aren’t too great to look at on their own . Now granted there are some prelim sketches of some of the worlds, there aren’t that many.
I say that the book is overall a “meh”

And the art cards are just the two front covers. Yay.

 So would I recommend this set? If you are a kingdom hearts fan and can find it for a decent price I would totally say go for it. But if you are a casual gamer who is not too deep into the kingdom hearts franchise, but are interested in the game (which I highly recommend) I would go for the standard edition.  Now to see what a really good extra book looks like check out the review of the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya film book. Tis very good.  So till next, bye bye.

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