Thursday, 30 September 2010

Rei Ayanami figma - Pre Order

After recently appearing in Hobby Japan this month, Rei Ayanami's figma is now up for pre-order. Now Let's see what this figma holds...

The last of the Eva girls to be released in the figma range, she follows the standards set before by the other girls
Like the other two girls, Rei doesn't have a hole to place a figma stand on her instead, she uses a clamp much like those that are found on the Di:Stage or used to hold the Rock Cannon for Black Rock Shooter, leaving her plug suit unblemished.
 What's this? what is this Rei has? looks integral to the plot, hmmmmm.
Like the other girls in the figma range, Rei also comes with an entry plug.
Rei, striking a pose.
Rei will include, 3 face plates (one plain, one angry and one happy), entry plug, plot object (walkman) and the usual assortment of hands.

Rei will be released in January, and will cost 3,048 yen (discounts can be found).  

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  1. OH MY GAH! This looks amazing. I already have a small collection of Rei figures gracing my bedroom, and this would be a great addition. Now if only I could afford it...