Friday, 1 October 2010

Hyper Japan - Friday 1st October- pictures and short review

Went to Hyper Japan to day up in London and shot some pictures for you all to enjoy :-) Review after the pictures


The Department store is Mitsukoshi, next to the Japan Centre.


  1. ahahahahah.

    You talk funny...

    On other notes, went there today... Boy fr a small place they pack you in.

    I was in 7th heaven (for those who dont know me and my fasion interests... look for MY blog posting coming tomorrow).

    I would love to do a video review like that.... we must do a duo one soon

  2. I went yesterday - Sunday 3rd.
    Have to say, what a disappointment. I got there for 11.30am, had to que for about 20 mins, which at first indicated that it was packed, bustling in there; but it was far from it.

    There were a few stalls, not extensive in any respect. Not much in the way of manga, no anime to be seen. No real impressive artists drawing (there was one or two but couldn't say much for them) couple of photobooks, OK selection of magazines - Mostly Kera magazine.

    JPbooks was the best they could offer, I made myself hang around there and flick through the art books to pass time. If that stall wasn't there I would have left after half an hour; I wanted to get my £8's worth.

    The food was particularly poor. I think maybe 4 or 5 stalls in total, not a huge range of foods to pick from, just your typical Katsu curry, Teryiaki and takoyaki and sushi rolls. All ridiculously overpriced, with little in the way of food. Mostly just a bowl, 3/4 full of rice with a tiny serving of meat. I love my meat, so asked for extra and got charged double... I was still hungry, that was after 3 portions and £25 later, and by the way I am in now way fat or obese ^_^

    Overall there was no atmosphere in there. I'd been to the Matsuri a couple of weeks back. Wasn't planned but I stumbled upon it while going to view my work at an exhibition. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised when I found it. Plenty of stalls selling an array of products, real atmosphere and the majority of people were japanese. I felt like I was in another country. And the food.. Well that was to die for, I had one bow of Katsu don and that fed me until tea time! I was half expecting the HJ to be like that and more considering the cover charge.

    I was so gutted.

  3. Oh Hi Marc.

    I must admit it was no Expo. That place was mental (yes both Blade and I will be there at the end of the month).

    I think the only thing it really lacked was the range stall sold. I weas wanting more for a Eva shop... I was hoping to pick up some Asuka things etc...

    It will just have to wait for Expo...

    It was nice to see some Japanese Gothic Lolita though (the main reason I personaly went).

    All in all it needed to be bigger with a wider range of products to sell. I dont think the atmosphre lacked (Being in cosplay I think helped us, we got alot more interest than we would have).