Saturday, 23 October 2010

Black Gold Saw Figma - New Pics

The figma blog was updated today with new pictures of the awesome Black Gold Saw Figma, Two Updates on her in one week!? Such great news

After Scans of her from Hobby Japan turned up in the internet, it is good to see some high quality pictures of the third girl in the black rock shooter range that has been figmaized.

First up we have the standard pose that we have all grown accustom too over the past months of waiting for her. That Sword is Huge.
A shot of her form the back. Strange, there is no stand hole in the back of her long hair, like most figmas with long hair... odd.
OK, that's why. Her hair can be split in two, too give a much more dynamic battle pose. Down right intimidating. 
Black god saw lives up to her name well... she has saws for feet for goodness sake. and she is covered in spikes, a much more feral design when compared to other Black Rock Shooter characters.
more pics of black gold saw and her HUGE sword, look how she effortlessly wields it with single handedly.on the accessories front, black gold saw is quite light when compared to the other BRS girls, only coming with her sword, hands and three faces. but then again that sword is just as big as her X.X

By the looks of things, look out next week as Black Gold Saw should be out for pre orders next week, and I know alot of people have been chomping at the bit for this girl (me included).

Quick side note, Does anyone know if Black Gold Saw's sword has a name (like Rock Cannon, Black Blade, Dead Scythe), just curious as google chrome s translator throws up this :  Adjunct is a huge sword,"Kinguso. "when translating this: 付属物は巨大な刀、「キングソー」any insight?

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