Friday, 22 October 2010

Hobby Japan Scans (Nov)

Another month and another set of scans for 2chan, let's see what goodies came about this month...

First Up we have the Awesome Kirino Kousaka Nendoroid. Just look at that awesome face, Such A cutie. she will be making it into our hearts in Feb '11

More Kirino love, this time from Wave with the addition of Kirino to the beach Queen range.
And some more beach queen goodies, this time it is index, filling out the set of the to aru girls beach queen range. This is slated for a 04/2011 release. 
Some strike witch stuff.
 More Assorted goodies, including the Kirino and kuroneko figs for the dengekiya mag.
Commander Haruhi. Bunny girls and Mecha, Nuth said.
Scale Figure of Rin Tousaka From Fate/stay night: Unlimited blade works. good to see it fully painted.
and finally.
Max Factory's Awesome Makinami Mari Illustrious scale Figure! I assume it has been given a release date but the pic is too small to tell :-( 

So now to everyone out there, Which of these lovely figures is on your shopping list?


  1. I like the Kirino figure. Can't wait to see it painted.

  2. Looking Forward to seeing it painted too (seeing as I am a massive Kirino fanboy lol)

  3. Yeah me too this will be a pre order.

    May Buy Charlotte Yeager for Natalie. Kinda lie looking in a mirror there WEEEEEE