Tuesday, 16 November 2010

1/6th scale Mari by Max factory

Mari Makinami Illustrious by Max Factory was put up today for pre-order and as usual comes with a wealth of great new pictures of this lovely figure.

Quick details; Mari will be released in march. and is nice big 1/6 scale figure, and retails for about 7800 yen.
the detail on the plugsuit is absolutely amazing, I love the way the main pink is most defiantly over lapping the black, and the raised nature of the "ribs"  
And as with most Mari figures her hair is just gentle blowing in the wind, helping to fame the shape of her torso.
Always loved the design of Mari's plugsuit, the way the sleeves overlap her hands is so cute. 
And she has such finely designed... 

gloves, the two tones look great and is usually overlooked on Eva figures.

As a Mari fanboy, this is most defiantly on my wishlist, but what about you guys/girls? is Mari on your get list or are you holding out too she if any of Eva girls get added to this range? 


  1. .......................ASUKA...................

    that is all ITSUKI OUT!!!

    Okay , I will admit this is a great figure to have out, being 1/6th scale too means it will be a well deserved centre of Eva collections eveywhere.

    Does it come in red and German though?

  2. Nope, only pink and undefined origin, hehe

  3. Mari is half British half Japanese :P

  4. Well there hasnt actuly been any "in show" reference to her place of birth and her engrish in the movie didnt help either.

  5. I had heard she is half British, but I wasn't sure if that was the general consensus.

    so I shall now correct myself...

    Nope only pink and half British, half Japanese

  6. Indeed it's true they haven't said in the show.

    But it's pretty cool!

  7. yeah, really want to get my hands on this fig...
    sigh looks like I will have to start saving.