Monday, 22 November 2010

Hobby Japan Scans - Dec

Not too much has cropped up this month so I am just going to post up what I have seen that I like <(*.*)>.

To continue with the pics from last month, the beach queen Kirino has been Painted up, and looks great in colour, also shown is the additional faces that will be included with the figure.

Also shown is the first mock up of a beach queen version of Ruri (kuroneko), makes me wonder if we will be seeing a beach queen Saroi or Ayese.

Also Really like the Uriharu shown here and the Saten-san. also another pic of a strike witch (don't know who).

Anywho not to much stuff this month, so till next time, blademirage saying bye and look forward to next months Hobby Japan scans.     

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