Friday, 17 December 2010

Gokou Ruri (aka Kuroneko) nendoroid preview

Mikatan updated her blog today with some awesome preview pics of the kuroneko Nendo which where recently spotted at the Oreimo festival event earlier this month, so what extra goodies does this back cat come with?

 resplendent in her Goth lolita fasion, Ruri shows off here her face a perfect reflection of the anime. she is probably about to have an argument with kirino.
her lover straight black hair framing her petite body fantastic in Nendo form.

As a good companion to Kirino, Ruri comes with her favourite DVD "Maschara", a show that is far superior to "stardust witch meruru"...
As Kuroneko, here explains to Kirino.
I think my nose is bleeding...

"I have to go bath my younger sister now"

Kuroneko will be up on the Good Smile Website tomorrow and up for preorder in the usual places over the weekend!

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