Friday, 10 December 2010

Kagamine Append- official artwork

Crypton have updated their site today with the new illustration of the kagamine twins new append look and I have to say I love it. Following the trend of the append range the twins take a lot of visual cues from hatsune miku's append design.

Illustration by Osamu

As a Rin fanboy, I have too say it again, I love the append design. The see though elements of her sleeves and knee socks are really cool, and it is nice to see a little asymmetry between rin and Len while still holding a unified theme.

cover of the new software

A sample song using the new software is available here, which uses Rin : Power for the main part of the song and then for the Chorus Rin : Charm. More samples can be found on the Official page of the Kagamine twins.

Kagamine Rin/Len Append will be released on December the 27th  , (The Twins birthday by some form of coincidence ;-) ) and has an RRP of 16,000 yen but can be found cheaper at the usual places (such as AmiAmi

So what do guys think of the new designs? love? hate? what's a Vocaloid? Comments on a postcard, or better yet in the comment section ;-) 

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