Sunday, 5 December 2010

My previews can't be this cute

The ore no imouto ga konna ni wake ga nai festival was held today, with some awesome previews of figures that will be coming out from good smile company, the nendo Kirino above we have already seen but is still awesome nonetheless and who is that next to her, find out after the jump!

First up we have the nendoroid version of Ruri aka Kuroneko! The expression on her face is just great capturing the character from the show perfectly.

Looks like she might come with a dvd too, much like the Kirkino nendo does, wonder what I would be. Hmmm...

The two girls together, they really do look great next too each other.

And next up is the Kirino Figma! She looks absolutely great her in her signature pose, using what appears to be joint less arms designed specifically to pull of this pose. Her face is also of something note looking spot on to the character, one of the great points of the figma line.

A side view shot, showing off the fact that kirino will use an extension clip for the figma stand like many long haired figmas of late.

So what do you guys think of the new additions to the oreimo line? Great? bad? Nyan? Leave a comment below telling us what you think.

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  1. Sold.. Ruri and the Kirino figma... when they come out Im snapping those up,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let there be Saori