Thursday, 6 January 2011

Black Gold Saw Animation Preview

Hello everyone and happy new year! So what is the first post of the new year? well Mikatan has updated her blog with an awesome preview of the upcoming Black Gold Saw Animation Version! so lets dive in and take a look...

So here she is, to go along with both Dead master and Black rock shooter animation versions making an awesome set (just one more girl too go). her face looks so calm and relaxed, begin a chill feeling to this bad-ass lady.
 Much Like Black Rock Shooter, Black Gold Saw is dwarfed by her awesome "king saw", just look at all the battle scars on that sword, a few of them probably from black rock shooter-chan herself.

Just look at her awesome midriff,  smooth and flawless, maybe black rock shooter will want revenge ;-).and her skin is nicely contrast with her shiny black clothes, yummy.
Black Gold Saw has some lovely features ;-)
And like all the animation versions, her base really brings out the world they inhabit.

Look out for Pre-orders tomo!

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