Friday, 24 December 2010

Hobby Japan Scans - Jan

Another month another round of scans from hobby Japan! let's take a look at some of the goodies that have jumped out (a little late lol) this time:

a nice selection of Nendoroids, petite and normal along with the Mato figma!
Beach queen Ruri, that was previewed last month but now is full coloured! love the matching rubber ring and swimsuit, (although, where she got a swimsuit and ring set with religious connotations, I don't know) 
1/8 scale Kuroneko by kotobukiya to go along with there 1/8 scale Kirino is looking really cool! and a nice shot of the Saten-San figure to go with Uriharu 
FIGMA KIRINO!! 'nuth said ;-)

another strike witch Nendo (forgive me I still can't remember her name)

And Finally, coloured pics of the ore no imouto trading figures that are coming out by Tomy.

Plenty of awesome stuff again this month, but what has taken your fancy? answers most welcome in the comment section!

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